I was at a party recently and the new person I'd just met asked me what I did for a living. Naturally, I started talking about this website and my 20 year study of facial rejuvenation, techniques, etc. She said that she'd personally gotten very turned off by many manufacturers claims and repeated sales efforts to make consumers believe that they can look 10 years younger by using certain facial products. She was a bit offensive since this is my own focus in life, to maintain my own and others good looks with natural facial care. She didn't believe it was at all possible to achieve any kind of natural face lift or non surgical face lift.

By the way, she said, how old are you? I cannot tell you my great satisfaction when I told her that I was 61. Her mouthed dropped open, absolutely dropped open. While I get that response a lot of the time, this time was especially gratifying since I found her to be a bit of an uninformed know it all. She then told me that at most I looked in my late 40's or early 50's, ha! My response was to tell her that it is indeed possible to look 10 years younger if you work at it. I started working on maintaining my face 20 years ago and the effort has indeed paid off.

Facial acupressure was just starting to get some attention in those days and I can still clearly remember sitting and watching that first video, carefully applying my fingers to my face to stimulate circulation. Even then, I could see almost immediate results. I massaged those pressure points religiously for the first 30 days. By the way, if you've got a special event coming up and you're really wanting to look your best, I'd highly recommend doing the 30 acupressure facelift. The difference in your face can be truly remarkable. You'll probably also be pleased to know that after that, you can let up and just do maintenance for maybe three days a week. Go to the facial acupressure page on this site to learn about Anne Cosse and her program.

So, to answer the question, yes, it certainly is possible to look 10 years younger but you've got to put in the work. I commented o a friend recently that the hardest thing for me to get used to in aging was all the maintenance that I have to do. But that is the bottom line: you've simply got to accept the fact that it takes time to maintain the good looks you took for granted for so many years. I think that once and if, you can make that emotional leap to acceptance, the hardest part of the battle is really won.

We've finally found and added several new, natural facelift and also, hair loss, products to the site. Now, you ask, why add hair loss products from Scientia to a natural facelift site? Well, as I've said before, what good does it do to have a pretty face and hate your hair? Struggling with hair thinning myself, I've had to realize that aging gracefully also means learning to accept that a lot more maintenance is necessary if I want to retain my good looks. I think that's a hard reality to face and accept but seriously, what's the point in fighting it? As you can see, I've adopted a "just do it" attitude regarding my own personal maintenance. I continue to see success with my own face and use my Scientia dermaroller for my own hair loss.

In any event, one of the most exciting products that we've added to the site is the new Scientia Hair Fibers. If you're struggling with hair loss and/or balding in spots, these hair fibers are a real boon in that they can give you the look of a full head of hair almost instantly. Simply sprinkle the natural organic keratin (our own natural hair is made from keratin) hair fibers gently onto the thinning areas on your head, style your hair and then "set" it with Scientia's holding spray. Go ahead, run your fingers thru your hair, go out in the snow, rain, play some sports even. Your hair fibers will stay in place quite nicely. Know why? These hair fibers are attached by some of the newest technology and the hair fibers become bonded with your own hair electrostatically. Wow.
AND this temporary fix for your hair loss issues is available at a reasonable price to boot.

What a wonderful solution for those of us struggling with our thinning hair. Of course, Scientia is now a well recognized and trusted company and after dealing with them for some time now, I find them most reputable. Which is why we're also adding the Scientia Hair Laser to this site's offerings along with their dermaroller for hair loss.

I'll address a few of the other products we plan to add to the site shortly but in the meantime, we're off to a wonderful start to 2012 and wishing you all the same.
The idea for this blog and website actually started several years ago when one of my sisters and I, fed up with each of us buying multitudes of expensive cosmetics and facial creams, decided to share experimenting with natural face and facelift products.
We discovered that we both often bought the very same products (that frequently didn't work) only to be disappointed and frustrated because: a.) the products didn't work well or didn't do what they claimed to do and b.) we were both paying good money and often pouring it right down the drain. Not to mention that we were both health conscious and concerned about putting all manner of unknown chemicals on our faces. We're also only a year apart and share many of the same genetic skin issues although we still have our different skin issues.........all of which allowed us to see how many products reacted to our different skin types.

In any event, this collaboration has saved both of us a lot of money over the years and helped us also share the research and learning about natural skin and facial products. As we told our own girlfriends about our little arrangement, many of them asked if they could join us, wanting to benefit both financially (by NOT buying all those useless and expensive products) and by getting a lot of product research from others (while also including their own). Hey, there's strength in numbers and as we've added new friends and reviewers over the years, we've all benefited.

So this blog, attached to www.gettingthenaturalfacelift.weebly.com, is a natural outcome of women helping other women to choose the very best and most economical natural skin and facelift products on the market. In addition to our own research, we also scour the Internet for other reviews and combine them with our own to provide only solid, well tested recommendations. We welcome your reviews of any products as well. Simply go to dermareviews@yahoo.com and let us know what you think or shortly, you'll be able to just leave any comments on this blog itself.
Short of that, we're working hard to get the rest of our site's content up and running so please be a bit patient with us.